Looking for the best Forex Trading System? You might have just ended your need to keep searching for ! I will ask you to study these three product pages as I have looked at over100 systems and these by far are the best in the field.

Ever wonder why the big brokerage firms offer you free Demo Trials? Because they want YOU to have them do trades for you. They ONLY make money when they make trades, and it does not matter if YOU win or lose! The programs below allow YOU to take control of YOUR own account and make money like it was... er... YOURS! Not like someone has to make 8 more trades before they go home to get that extra commission. Frankly, brokers do NOT like these programs, especially when they are not being called upon to make trades for people! Are YOU ready to make your own desicions that make money for YOU?

You do not have to go far. I wouold say ALL THREE of these systems are extraordinary... And CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.. It was hard to rate them but they all offer the very refreshing Money Back Guarantee and you can call them all on the phone. No long waits.

By the way, they are really inexpensive compared to others like Brotherhood that sells for $250 PLUS $150/month!! . FAP Turbo probably has the best automated Robot, probably a close tie with F.R.E.D. Trading From Home. Hector is probably the most comprehensive and easy to understand Forex Training system with an AWESOME Forex Sniffer. You can then let FAP Turbo focus on that and confirm it with F.R.E.D.

These are ALL Great for NEWBEES and seasoned Traders wanting lots of time off if you use the Robots. Yes... Robots DO WORK!

My suggestion: Get two of them, they are way cheaper than losing money and you can call 2 different customer service centers and get your questions answered. I would get FAP Turbo AND Hector or Trading From Home AND Hector. If you already know Forex Trading then you do not need Hector, unless you want his super Sniffer. The sniffer alone is worth MUCH more than $197! Again these TWO are cheaper than Brotherhood that sells for $250. These all provide advanced trading signal systems for buy and sell. Watch every littpe pip and make money from home.
As you can see I recomment TWO together. Which TWO are your choice but given you get help from TWO different companies I do not believe you can go wrong. Read their sales pages and see what you discover... And Prosperous Trading!

Product Features FAP Turbo Trading From Home Hector
Price check $149 check $197 check $197
Free Live Support Line / email? check Yes check Yes check Yes
Free Consultation with a Forex Coach? cross No check Yes. check No
Guarantee Immediate Placement with Leading
Fully-Qualified Broker?
check No. They say it is easy to get a broker. Or juse use the Robot only check Yes check No. They say it is easy to get a broker.
Overview by Dave This system uses a Robot that trades REAL TIME better than Back Testing and is EASY to use! This system is based on the Robot that has high acclaim. You could use it together with FAP Turbo This system is NOT a "black Box" trading wywtem. It TEACHES you how to do it.

Will They Give A Full Refund?

How Many Days?

check Yes, 60 Days cross Yes, 60 Days check Yes, 30 Days
Videos on Sales Page? check Yes check Yes check Yes, many!
Over the Shoulder Videos? check Yes cross Yes, Many cross Yes, over 17 Hours
Access To Updated Members Area? check Yes, with Extensive Videos. check Lifetime Access. cross MetaTrader4
Robot? check FAP Turbo This Robot
trades better LIVE than Backtesting! Hot in the News!
check F.R.E.D. Award Winning
Program to Duplicate Professional Traderes.
cross MetaTrader4. This is a Trend Sniffer. Great For FINDING Good Trades
Can it install on your home PC
or run on thier Server?
check Yes and PC Install is only 5 Minutes. check No. PC install only takes 2 minutes. check No. PC Install takes 5 minutes. It is a sniffer scanner.
Monye Management Excel
cross No cross No cross Yes
Product Rating star
I give this the higest rating because it is easy to use.
I give this a similar high rating and I have a hard time not giving it the same high rating as FAP Turbo


The only reason this does not get a super high rating is because it does not have a robot. It DOES have an awesome Sniffer that you can use WITH the other 2 programs...

Money Management Excel
cross cross cross